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At Unified Marketing, our business is your business.

In the world of marketing, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a partner who would take the time to understand your business and your goals? At Unified Marketing, we don’t try to fit your business into a cookie-cutter mold and hope that it will work for you just like it did for someone else. We take your business seriously, just as if it was our own and we take a strategic approach to build an integrated marketing solution based on your business’s unique requirements and needs. A small law firm does not market to the same audience as a local plumbing company does, it seems pretty obvious, but to many other agencies only know one way so they simply tell you that is the way it should be done- Not at Unified Marketing.

No two businesses are the same and each one faces different challenges, caters to a diverse client base and has its own selling points. No matter what industry, location or audience you cater to or need to target, Unified Marketing can help you succeed.

You know your business. We know marketing. Together we will make a perfect team.

Devotion Vodka

Devotion Vodka, the world’s first gluten-free, sugar-free and 100% Made in the USA flavored vodka came to us for a website refresh and to develop a marketing campaign that would make an impact.